Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Moskau Konzert

Some People said in April 2011 theres a concert there ... What do you think about it?

Rumor: Ein Manager von Tokio Hotel sagte, das ein Konzert in Moskau (!) am 23. April 2011 möglich wäre. Preise der Tickets: Oberster Rang --> 60,84EUR, VIP--> 488,00EUR & Fanzone--> 122,38EUR By th-europe

Rumor: The agent of TH said, there is possibility to bring TH to Moscow. Only Moscow. The date is April 23th. The price of the tickets: from 83$ (balcony), up to 667$ (VIP), 167$ (fanzone). By th-europe

Quelle: all-about-th.xobor.de

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