Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

"Tokio Hotel's mad stalkers give up!

The "Les Afghanes on Tour" are back in France

Now the boys from Tokio Hotel finally clam down..

The stalker group „Les Afghanes on Tour” followed their teen idols for months, - till 15th April 2009, when at a gas station in Hamburg came the fight: Supposedly Tom Kaulitz (20) punched the French, Perrine D. (21). She drowned out a cigarette on his car. A security camera shooted the fight.

The result: Tokio-Tom has been charged with assault and criminal damage. Now the prosectuon of the Hamburg-Altona court is eliminated and the abolished the 1000 euro fine. Perrine D. finished the procedure, „But Tom will gets a bonus-game in Germany! Normally the punch against me would have been more expensive.”

Bild got to know that the stalker group dissolved in the meantime. The girls returned to France and don’t want to do anything with Tokio Hotel. The band might be happy.

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